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Monopoly introduces Trump Administration edition

Hasbro’s Gaming Division has introduced the latest Monopoly edition in recognition of the 45th President of the United States.  “What better way to honor President Trump than with a game that celebrates money, real estate and crushing your opponents?” declared Hasbro spokesperson, Brent Shutter. “I think players will appreciate the subtle tweaks we’ve made to the game to reflect this administration."

Resolutions broken one day into new year, man admits

LOCAL—On January 1, Glenn Dickson pledged that this would be the year he would take charge of his health: quit smoking, quit drinking, and lower his saturated fats.

"I meant it, really," Dickson says, lighting up his fifth Du Maurier of the day. "It's just something I'll have to look at doing more gradually, eh? Major life change."


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From the archives

Letters to the editor: Stupid, free newspapers begone!

Every day on the bus ride to work I disembark at Metcalfe Station, where every day fat, unshaven men in garish, corporate vests try to make me read their free newspapers. I don't like free newspapers. They are, by definition, worthless.

It's a universal truth that things with value cost money, while things without value are free—particularly where fat, unshaven men are concerned. If it weren't, then Richard M. Stallman would be the Editor of the Boston Globe, instead of the author of licenses no-one reads, and software that no-one uses. Also, Paul Prudhomme would probably be making edible steak and potato dinners, Dom DeLuise's surviving relatives would be dusting the mantelpiece around his collection of Oscars, and Meat Loaf would be gyrating suggestively on MTV.