OP-ED: ‘Serial’ more junk food than balanced listening

After months of gossip, spoofs and overheard conversations, I’ve finally decided to check out Serial for myself. First step: figure out what the hell everyone is talking about. A new breakfast cereal? No. Oh. Like a serial killer? No. OH! A story told in a series of installments like in old-time radio days? Gotcha! Now what’s an Adnan?

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Law will put your children behind bars

When Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (“CASL”) came into effect on July 1, 2014, Canadians were dancing in the streets. Parliamentarians would have us believe that this was entirely due to the exhilaration of promised freedom from advertising for discount Viagra and Cialis; you, I and the family dog know that it obviously had more to do with the previously scheduled Canada Day celebrations.

CASL, it was said, would deliver us from unwanted advertising. But really—who’s to say what’s unwanted? Perhaps you really want to know the The Dirty Truth on Penis Enlargement—but are afraid to ask. Maybe you’d lose sleep at night wondering how to Burn Belly Fat with One Weird Tip. I know I do.

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