Join Our Crack Team

You have imaginative ideas, a snappy delivery, and a hankering to see your work published in a prestigious publication…

Too bad none of them returned your dozen emails pleading for space in their margins. That leaves us.

Mooseclean’s is seeking talented writers.  We have a solid core of contributors, some of which have risen up to assume positions as Senior Writer, National Correspondent, or Editor.  Have a look.  Interested but kind of busy?  Everyone at Mooseclean’s begins as a “Contributor” and if you want to write an article or two per year, or in total, there’s plenty of room there.

Now, despite the humorous nature of the site’s privacy policy and general disclaimer, there is actually nothing to fear from writing for us.  To be clear:

  • Your are your own boss.  We work for you! Our resident hacks editors are only interested in making you and the article formatting look brilliant. If you don’t know how to use a file manager and think that Drupal is a category of fruit, just send us plain text.
  • Write what you want, when you want.  Satirical twists on real news, completely invented stories, maybe even a regular op-ed column… Just do what you can, when you have both the time and the urge to write.
  • You retain full copyright and control of anything you produce, though we would sincerely appreciate it if you would continue to allow your material to remain posted on the site indefinitely.

Want a real job at a better another publication?  Use Mooseclean’s to build a body of work: fully developed news stories that you can use as an “on-line portfolio” for your dream employer. To make this simple, our Editor-in-Chief can create a custom tag with your name to make it simple to have a running bibliography of all your contributions.

Regarding pay, you make exactly the same income as our Editor-in-Chief / Web Developer.  Once Mooseclean’s has a substantial following, we’d like to explore funding opportunities by crowd-sourced donation (like Indiegogo) and share that among the contributors.

So…. if you’d like to begin, contact us and ask us to set you up with a Contributing Writer account. Then you can login, write, and submit work for our editor to beautify and queue for publishing.

Alternately, you can email us stories and we will post them under your chosen name or alias.  Even under this arrangement, your rights over your material remain exclusively yours: we’re just here to make it easier to get published. Use the contact form to ask about journalism via email.

– Sebastian Panache