Privacy Policy (no, really)

How do we handle your personal information?

If you fill out our user registration form, submit a comment about our content, or use our contact form, you provide Mooseclean’s Media with personal information. The following Qs & As explain how we handle it.

What would be collected at registration?

If you decide to register as a user you will be asked to provide:

  • A login name
  • Your e-mail address; and
  • A password

Additionally, you may choose to upload a picture and fill in profile information in the “About me” box, but it’s completely optional.

Registration itself is optional, but it allows you some added perks like voting, not having your posts run through spam filtering and captcha checks, and an intangible coolness.  Mostly the first two things.  By default, we have to assume that anyone interacting with the site is a bot trying to plaster us with spam ads about male enchancement tablets.

What would be collected if I leave a comment or use your contact form?

If you post a comment, your name, e-mail address and comment are collected. If you use our contact form, your name, e-mail address and message are collected.

Why is this information collected?

For registration, the login name helps identify you (it needn’t be your real name).  Providing your email facilitates a spam check and allows you to reset your password, if needed.  Your password helps protect your profile from unathorized use and modification. 

For comments, your information is tested by spam filters to make sure you’re a real person.  If it checks out and the comment is deemed appropriate by the Editor, we’ll post it.

If you use our contact form, your information is necessary so we can respond to your inquiry.

How will this information be used?

This information will only be used to facilitate account maintenance (such as database/server maintenance, troubleshooting, and account deactivation), protect the site against spam, and contact you if there is a need to. We won’t sell your information to anyone nor use it to try to sell stuff to you. Access to the information you provide is limited to those who need the information for the purposes above.

Will this information be disclosed?

Mooseclean’s will not disclose the information you provide when registering unless you consent, or unless such a disclosure is in accordance with applicable Canadian law. In the case of such a disclosure, Mooseclean’s will disclose only the information that is required and, wherever possible, will inform the individual. If you’re posting a public comment, this is obviously disclosed, as is your name, photo, and “About me” data, if you’ve provided it for your profile page.

This website is hosted on servers owned and managed by a third party. Any personal information collected on our behalf, such as server log data, is managed in accordance with this privacy policy and is protected by applicable law.

Where will the information be stored?

The information collected is stored on servers hosted by a third party.  It is managed in accordance with this privacy policy and is protected by applicable law.

How will the information be protected?

Mooseclean’s is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals visiting its web site. We make sincere effort to keep our software up to date with the latest fixers.  All personal information provided when you register is protected under applicable Canadian law.

How long will this information be retained?

If you choose to register, your profile may remain indefinitely. At our option, we may delete profiles that have been dormant for years or were never logged into after activation.  At your request, your personal information will be deleted.

How can I deactivate and remove my information?

You may write us any time using the Contact Us form to ask us to remove your information from our database.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Questions about this policy may be directed to our Chief Privacy Officer, who you may also write to using the Contact Us form.

This policy isn’t funny.

Sorry. Please read our satirical Privacy Policy and our General Disclaimer instead.