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When you browse the Mooseclean’s website we gather no more information than is typically collected in an annual physical examination of a major bodily orifice.

If you contribute to Mooseclean’s as a journalist or leave a comment, please understand that you are publishing every word you post publicly. You should assume that anything you write will be retained forever.

In the unlikely event that it is necessary to modify your post to increase humour, reduce drivel, remove facts, or enhance obfuscation, we might let you know—but more than likely we won’t.

Note that even if your material has been heavily modified by our editorial staff in highly embarrassing ways, it will still be attributed solely to you—we respect your copyright. This includes articles, comments, forum posts, user profile pages, and other static pages or user-generated content on the site.

In any case, unless otherwise stated, we do not publish, sell, trade, rent or exchange your personal data in any way that could potentially allow other organizations to take your money instead, turn you into their product, or otherwise profit from you.  If there’s even a slight chance, we’d like to keep those pennies for ourselves.

Data Retention Policy

Mooseclean’s, consistent with a long-standing commitment to maximizing the data retention of users and contributors in order to maximize the amount of potentially useful evidence that can be leveraged against them in case of a legal dispute, adopts the policy of retaining the most amount personally identifiable information consistent with maintenance of its services, with its privacy policy, or as allowed by state, provincial or federal legal provisions under the laws of Canada and the United States of America.

In short, all your basics are belong to us.

But there’s no need to worry.  If you remain as you are—generic, bland and uninteresting—and don’t try to sue Mooseclean’s (we have no money anyway), all will be well.

Have a super day, eh?

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