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est. 16 May 2013

There are plenty of self-described ‘satire’ publications that are largely content to print nonsense, buffoonery and the purely mundane. While we’re not above a simple parody for a good laugh, Mooseclean’s is also much, much more.

What differentiates satire from other forms of humour is the moral element.

Well written satire illustrates what’s wrong in society by pointing out the ridiculousness of what we passively accept, dutifully endure, or mindlessly propagate.  It provides much-needed social commentary to confront people with uncomfortable and unspoken truths.  It can bring a smile to your face and a line of concern to your brow.

Mooseclean’s endeavours to make you see, understand, and react.

If we write anything that makes you angry or upset, ask yourself: “Why does this makes me feel this way?”

We’re not trying to offend.

We do sincerely hope we can make you laugh… but also think, discuss issues with others, change yourself, and change the world we live in.

Sebastian Panache

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