Mooseclean’s: Good afternoon, Mr. Calandra. Thank you for your time and granting this interview.

Paul Calandra: Good afternoon.  Steven Harper knew nothing about the payment by Nigel Wright to Mike Duffy.

M: Ahhh…I didn’t ask that, but since we’re on the subject, it seems unlikely that considering everyone else in the PMO knew about the payment, that Mr. Harper did not.

PC: Mr. Harper has just announced new steps to combat drug abuse.  Unlike, of course, the NDP and the Liberal Party who just want safe injection sites.  That is hardly going to solve the problem now, is it?

M: Um…I’m not an expert on that subject.  Can we get back on track, please?  How did Mr. Harper not know about the Duffy payment?

PC: Mr. Harper is committing to keeping taxes low by not taxing streaming services.  Have the NDP and Liberal Party agreed to do the same?  I don’t recall if they did.

M: Mr. Calandra, I am asking about Mr. Harper’s knowledge of the payment to Mr. Duffy.

PC: Mr. Mulcair has stated that “Israel is the longest occupation in the world.” Shameful.  The Prime Minister and the Conservative party stand with Israel and can be counted on to provide support whenever they need us.  Canada is happy to declare we are Israel’s friend.

M: Maybe I can change the subject and you’ll answer those questions.  How do you respond to the criticism about Bill C-51?

PC: Mr. Mulcair has not stated his position on the Ukraine, but the Prime Minister is providing military personnel in Eastern Europe as part of the NATO operation.  We will protect Ukraine to the best of our ability.

M: How does this relate to Bill C-51?

PC: Our party is going to take initiatives to reform the Senate.  Elizabeth May has stated that “reforming the Senate is hard.”  What kind of talk is that for a leader of a party hoping, some day, hahahaha, to become Prime Minister.

M: Sir, this isn’t an interview. It’s a monologue with interruptions.  I’m out of here. (Shakes head in defeat, gets up and leaves the room).

PC: Our government has passed more private members’ legislation than any other government.  Furthermore…

Photo: House of Commons portrait

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