“Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says the “vast majority” of his staff didn’t know about a plan to fake Mike Duffy’s personal repayment of Senate expenses, changing his earlier position that only a single person was aware.”1

According to various news sources apparently, at the time the information and emails were made available, almost everyone in the Prime Minister’s office saw or knew of them.  Ray Novak, Harper’s Chief of Staff succeeding Nigel Wright, claims he did not see a one-line email about the payment.

Moosecleans questions what is obviously being overlooked: the sudden yet mysterious memory loss that is now permeating the PMO and perhaps affecting even the Prime Minister himself.  This reporter finds the situation startling and worrisome.

Why is the RCMP not looking into this, or CSIS?  Could there be some terrorist plot at work here?  Has ISIL found a way to leak some new “memory-loss gas” surreptitiously only into the PMO/PM’s offices?  Has some organization found a way to contaminate ONLY the PM and the PMO employees’ food with an amnesia-inducing drug?

As Canadians we should be very concerned about this considering an election is upon us in less than two months.  How will we know what effect this mystery substance will have on the Prime Minister and his staff?  How could this affect him and his decisions in the long-term if he is re-elected?

Mooseclean’s will be closely following this story and will have updates as soon as information becomes available.
 1 Ditchburn, J.  The National Post. August 14, 2015.  http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/stephen-harper-says-vast-majority-of-pmo-staff-didnt-know-about-mike-duffy-payment

By Sharon Dunn

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