“There are just so many cheers to remember,” WWE superfan Ian Ironside said before Monday Night RAW. Just after their entrance and before they head down the ramp to the ring the Uso’s will shout “when we say U, y’all say SO,” and then practice the cheer “U-SO!” two or three times with the crowd. “That’s why they’re my favourite wrestlers,” Ian beamed while wearing an Uso’s shirt with his face painted to imitate the popular Slammy Award winners for the 2015 Tag Team of the year.

“Even though they’ve been around for years it’s so great of the Uso’s to keep explaining their cheer,” Ian said in a relieved tone. He then started listing all the wrestling cheers he knows. “When someone gets slapped in the chest the crowd goes WOO, and if something really awesome happens you start yelling THIS IS AWE-SOME.” Ian continued to explain that whenever you see the Irish wrestling Sheamus you’re supposed to yell ‘YOU LOOK STU-PID’, and listed several more cheers.

Ian then grew silent and whispered, “then we have the tag team champions The New Day.” Ian immediately and passionately started yelling ‘NEW DAY SUCKS!’ hoping someone would join the cheer. Several grown men with glowing Unicorn horns strapped to their foreheads passing by all starting yelling ‘NEW DAY ROCKS!’ and ran past in the least majestic unicorn stampede that you could ever imagine. Ian sheepishly gave up his solo cheer and reluctantly explained, “I hate the New Day, but if you like them you I guess you can also cheer ‘New Day rocks’.” Ian was quick to add that if you say WWE Superstar Chris Jericho you would cheer ‘Y2J’ but if he ran into the New Day to start chanting ‘rooty tooty booty’ and start at a low volume and crescendo the cheer until the tag team champions can’t take it anymore.

“You can see how complicated it all is,” Ian said. We asked Ian if the Uso’s would win tonight to which Ian starting yelling ‘YES’ while thrusting his arms into the air with his index fingers pointed to the sky. Ian continued to cheer and walked slowly into the arena.

By Brian

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