Mooseclean’s: Good day, Mr. Trudeau.  Thank you for your time.  I must disclose from the start, I was a huge fan of your father Pierre.  I even had a crush on him back in the day when I was younger.

Justin Trudeau: (Smiles fondly).  OuiCher Papa.  A great man.  I hope I can make him proud.

M: So far, popularity wise, you seem to be a favourite.  However, that is not reflected in recent polls.

JT: Those are just polls.  They tend to go up and down, depending on what is being said by who on a particular day.

M: Agreed.  So, tell me about Liberal policy so far.

JT: Well, as I am sure you know, I have pledged $2.6 billion dollars for First Nations Education.  I appreciate First Nations and their culture, unlike our Prime Minister.

M: Okay, no need for mud-slinging Sir.  We’re here to discuss you and your party’s policies.

JT: Sorry.  The Liberal party is also pledging to increase taxes on the highest income earners to help those in the middle to lower income levels.

M: If it works, it will be a great idea.  If the high income earners decide to leave the country—which they could because they have the money for mobility—won’t it backfire on you?

JT: No, not at all.  I, and the party, are completely optimistic about the rich contributing to help others.

M: Hmmm.  What else do you have in mind?

JT: The Liberal party is going to improve relations with the United States and strive to improve relations with other countries around the world.

M: Good plan.

JT: We’re also going to improve weather around the country with sunny, blue skies everyday; rain when and where it is needed; sweet fuzzy bunnies and deer roaming the countryside; fairydust with every EI, CPP and OAS payment and everyone will be happy all the time.

M: Thank you for your time Mr Trudeau.

JT: Wait!  There’s more…

By Sharon Dunn

Political junkie, proud grad of UPEI, supporter of civil & human rights. Follow on Twitter @SharonDunn54

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