Tube socks with your Slurpee?

Photo: Taber Andrew Bain (CC BY-2.0)

TORONTO—Tired of hauling your cookies to Walmart and then being ridiculed on the bus ride home because of your billowing bags?  Now you can pick up diapers for the baby when you pick up your smokes. Walmart is testing Grab and Go locker service at select 7-11 stores in the GTA.

Walmart Marketing Manager Susan Aston said inspiration came to her late one night.  “I’d stopped by 7-11 for milk after attending the opera.  While I was waiting in line, I noticed that the clientele were similar to the people I observe on security cameras at Walmart.  I had that eureka moment!”

No more irritating trips to Toys“R”Us before your nephew’s birthday party.  Just stop by 7-11 and tuck that Play-Doh under one arm and a bag of chips under the other.   Or surprise your lady by pulling a piece of jewelry out of a locker and getting down on one knee by the Cheetos.

But if you think you can outsmart the system and get your new patio furniture sent to the convenience store around the corner, think again.  Size and weight restrictions attached to your order will thwart such abuse.

Will these 7-11 lockers be used for drug deals?  Almost certainly.  But it may also mean you save money.  And live better.

Molly Donovan

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