As he is wont to do lately, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been visiting various industrial plants (what is left of them) around the country campaigning and making policy statements.

Behind the smiling Prime Minister is always a group of people looking on as he shares his latest pearls of wisdom and wit with the country.

What is not known however, is that these groups  are not there voluntarily; they are being held against their will and forced to appear as if they support the P.M.

Peter White, a city employee who had been doing road construction was dragged with co-workers into a Campaign-style press conference in Toronto the day after the debate.

“We were told we were being served coffee, cold drinks and sandwiches in appreciation for our hard work on such a hot day” White said. “Me and Donny thought that was kinda strange since no one’s ever done that before, but who’s gonna complain?”

Mr. White said he and his co-workers were escorted to a large convention/meeting style room and immediately noted the “Harper” signs posted everywhere.

“Gordie was mad, but he didn’t wanna pass up the free food.  He said he’s voting Green and didn’t want to take part in anything Conservative, ” Mr. White continued.  “Ernie noticed some people were locking the doors.  Then we was all told to stand together with some guys in front and some behind and kinda spread out.  A microphone was placed in front of us and guess who showed up?  Harper, of course!!”

“We all wanted out but some guy in a suit told us we had to stay until Harper was finished and we had to clap when we were told to.  Holy Hanna, I felt like a stupid seal just like that other guy had said when he quit the party.”

“I didn’t stay after they opened the doors and Harper left.  I just took a bunch of sandwiches and put them in my lunch box, grabbed a couple of cold drinks and split.  Ernie and Gordy did the same. Stupid politicians.  Nobody tells me what to do, so I’m voting Liberal just to get back at Harper.”

By Sharon Dunn

Political junkie, proud grad of UPEI, supporter of civil & human rights. Follow on Twitter @SharonDunn54

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