Christian critics of music icon David Bowie are concerned that his end-of-life decision to follow God may not be enough to save him from eternal damnation for his sins, including his effeminate fashion sense, rumoured sexual encounters with Mick Jagger, and some questionable albums.

“It’s a great gesture for David to reach into the beyond, but following God on Twitter is not the same as following God,” Donna Whitmore (@DonnaDoesDishes) observed. “Social media is a valid medium for spiritual enrichment, but that Twitter account that David followed, well, it’s not exactly God’s official account.”

Others on Twitter were quick to tweet conciliatory opinions.

“If the voice of God could have been relayed by Moses and Jesus and Muhammad, why not some Jew who used to write for The Daily Show?” suggested Leonard Bland (@SaucyBland).

By Sebastian Panache

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