Northfield, IL—Comedian and TV personality Bill Cosby, the long-time spokesman for Jell-O has been fired amid numerous allegations of rape. Cosby had been the popular pudding’s spokesperson since 1974, taking part in several highly successful marketing campaigns.

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. announced today that Cosby would be replaced by popular and much-loved Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

“Sexual misconduct is a very serious matter and we cannot have a potential offender acting as our spokesperson,” explained Deanie Elsner, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer. “We were thrilled to discover Jian looking around for new opportunities while on sabbatical.”

When asked if she thought Ghomeshi would have as much success in Jell-O commercials as his predecessor, she hilariously punned “We think that Jian will fit the Bill.”

Ghomeshi has inked a 4-year deal with the makers of Jell-O for an undisclosed amount. He couldn’t be reached for comment. While nobody at Kraft had heard of him for the past couple of weeks, Elsner cautioned there was no cause for alarm.

“I’m not aware of any problems with Jian. His agent told us he has some personal matters to work out before starting his new position.”

Elsner also added that the future Jell-O commercials would also have a more serious tone, noting that “Joking about our line of products isn’t funny. It’s off-pudding”.

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