Photo: National Eye Institute (CC BY-2.0)

A local laser surgery clinic is alleged to have sent “threatening” letters to customers in arrears, demanding immediate payment to avoid the repossession of their eyes.

The clinic, part of a national chain which cannot be named due to a court injunction, partook in an advertised “See Now, Pay Later” campaign, but used its own customized paperwork to secure protection from clients who refuse to pay.

Two lines within the terms and conditions of service agreement do seem to suggest that customers who default on payments must surrender their altered eyes to the service provider.

Legal experts suggest there may grounds to create a new precedent in customer liability in cases where services are provided and repossession is not normally considered feasible.

“Obviously, the demand for replacement human organs is steadily increasing and there are powerful lobby organizations seeking white market options for those willing to pay,” our in-house counsel advised. “If you fail to read the fine print, you really do so at your own peril.”

By Sebastian Panache

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