2016, you are…

The box of raisins at Halloween
A dead fly floating in the soup tureen

A bad haircut that made me cry
Waking up to the sting of pink eye

A big zit on my throbbing chin
Every lineup I was ever in

Rancid milk poured into my tea
A monthly transit pass, lost on day three

Cat barf on my freshly changed bed
A snowball strike in the back of the head

A skirt tucked into the back of tights
A string of useless Christmas lights

It’s time for you now to pack up and go
No nightcap or party, by now you know

This year was a debacle and I can’t wait
To say so long to 12 months of complaint

By Molly Donovan

I grew up in the USA, but don't hold that against me because I'm also Canadian. Just think of me as the mole.

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