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Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party is considering switching the federal Liberal-styled open nomination process after the loss of their star candidate and former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith.

“We’re considering new options on how we can get our best candidates to represent the people of Alberta,” Premier Jim Prentice was quoted saying after Smith’s defeat on the weekend.  Members of the Highwood Progressive Conservative Riding Association voted in favour of former Okotoks town Councillor Carrie Fischer to carry the PC banner during the next election.

Some residents still felt betrayed by Danielle Smith’s desertion of the Wildrose party.  Her loss can only be considered a major blow to the PC party as at least four different cabinet ministers campaigned for Smith to win the nomination.

While allowing the riding to democratically decide on their nominee for the next election has been a traditional favourite for the party, there have been some rumblings to try a more progressive method. Justin Trudeau’s open nomination process is a resounding success for the Liberal party. They blocked David Bertschi’s candidacy to ensure their star candidate Andrew Leslie would win the Ottawa-Orleans nomination. The process also worked well in Toronto’s riding of Trinity-Spadina where Trudeau’s team vetoed Christine Innes’ nomination and endorsed Adam Vaughan.

With Trudeau’s growing list of open nominations he offered his advice to Alberta’s Premier. “Emulating the Liberal open nomination process is a great way to improve Alberta’s democracy and ensuring you decide on the right candidates to represent the party in the next election.”

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