Wisconsin Governor and Presidential Candidate Scott Walker has proposed a wall, similar to that proposed across the U.S.-Mexican border, be constructed between Canada and the U.S.  That is a distance of 6,416.5 km (3,987 miles) not including the Alaska/Canada border; an additional 2,475.2km (1,538 miles).

Governor Walker stated at a campaign stop while visiting the northern border states, there were concerns about terrorists crossing at deserted points along the undefended border.  Clyde Watson from Vermont was able to speak personally with the Governor.  We met with him at a field just at the Canadian border with no marking.

“I told the Governor right here, you have to worry about those damn Muslims crossing in the middle of the night into our beloved United States.  That’s because libtard Canada lets anybody in to their country.  Those Muslims could dress in those Burka things all in black and no one would see them in the dark of night.”

Mr. Watson, when informed that most terrorist attacks had come from domestic terrorism or terrorists that had immigrated legally into the States said, “Well, doesn’t matter.  While we’re fending them off at the legal borders, they still might try and get in from Canada.  There’s lots of forests between our State and Canada.  Look…just trees.  They could cover themselves in branches and just move slowly towards the border and in a second, they’d be over and we would never know.  Then there’s all kinds of cows too in pastures on our borders; those terrorists are smart enough…they would probably figure out how to dress up in a real good cow costume and come over that way.”

When asked who would pay for this wall, Watson replied, “Canada.  Just like Mr. Trump said he’s going to make Mexico pay for their wall.  It could be a real good stimulus plan for your country.

At this point, Jacques Boudreau from Rock Island, Quebec stopped his car and walked over to see what was going on.

“They want to build a wall?!” Boudreau exclaimed. “Tabarnak! Osti Américain d’épais de marde!

“Yeah, to keep your terrorists out Frenchie!”

Sacré bleu! To keep you stupid Américains out with your stupid guns and drugs!”

Local police were called to intervene in the fight which then ensued.

By Sharon Dunn

Political junkie, proud grad of UPEI, supporter of civil & human rights. Follow on Twitter @SharonDunn54

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