Teen discovers library more than urban legend

LIKED: Noémi Dagenais “shares” how pictures and text were published in ancient times, in an analog, local area networked, non-user editable format. The teens were delighted to discover that comments could still be written in the margins.
Photo credit: MCL 
MONTREAL—Local teen Remy Watt was surprised to learn this week that public libraries actually exist.  “I heard my parents mention them once or twice and the librarian at school said something about the branches downtown,” Watt said with a shrug, “but I thought they were just playing.”

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Quebec Resident diagnosed with English speaking obsession beaten up

MONTREAL—Colin Clark, a 42 year old husband and father of three recently diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive English Speaking Disorder (OCESD), was rushed to the Montreal General Hospital suffering multiple injuries to his head, arm and ribcage.  The incident occurred late in the night when a group of Parti Québécois supporters assaulted him for not using the national language of Quebec while ordering his drink at a local pub downtown.

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Rolling Stones tour shuffles through Montreal

MONTREAL—The yearly surge of elderly tourists invading Montreal began a week early this year with the arrival of The Rolling Stones who played to a crowd of over 15,000 cane-wavers at Bell Centre this past Sunday.

The audience, largely comprised of residents from neighbouring retirement homes and Americans too cheap to spring for packages to the French Riviera were mildly impressed by the performance, though it was unclear whether this was due to the music itself or the rare treat of being allowed outdoors for a field trip by bus.

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