Today the Women’s eXecutive Network announced the winners of the WXN “Women on Top” awards, honouring Canada’s 100 most dominant women in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Mooseclean’s sent our roving reporters to the streets to get reactions from average Canadians.

Vivian Friel, Calgary, AB
“While I support individual expression in lawful endeavours, I personally think it’s all quite disgusting. I completely agree that a man and a woman should be free to indulge in the benefits of marriage behind closed doors, but I see no reason for speculating about the nature of the interaction, let alone praising or ranking harlots who’ve been particularly indiscreet, indiscriminate and voracious in their consumption of men.”

Julia Werner, Montreal, QC
“I’m proud to live in an age where female dominance is not only accepted, but celebrated. As a dominatrix for many years, I’ve felt marginalized. I accept that people can’t accept the extremity of my profession. However, there is a lot of room in the middle for ordinary women. You may not yearn to see men cowering under your riding crop or licking the heel of your stiletto heel as I do, but you should have the freedom to mount them with societal consent, and enjoy them without shame.”

Metody Kucharski, Annaheim, SK
“I was thrilled, but not at all surprised to see Christine Magee on the list. I can never drive by a Sleep Country Canada location without wondering whether she personally tests out the mattresses. I’ve had this fantasy for many years you see, where I come in to look at a new bed and she’s the salesperson. Well, she beckons me over with a wink and a wiggling finger and before you know it we’re—”

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By Cory Trevor

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