An Ontario resident is among several others across Canada today who were upset to learn that Microsoft is ending support of the Windows Phone.

While it has been over three years since the last software update, Bradley Schneider of Gloucester clung to hope that Microsoft would see fit to staving off the execution of Windows-powered phones.

“I know that ultimately it might seem like numbers of fans are important, but it’s really about influence,” he explained. “Look at The Pixies. They didn’t sell a lot of albums but they’re still considered greats because they influenced Nirvana. Well, what if I’m the next Kurt Cobain?  Or that other owner I heard about who lives up in Nunavut? He could be Dave Grohl!”

In response, CEO Satya Nadella would neither confirm—nor rule out—that…

Oh, fuck it. This was a stupid idea for an article and I’m not going to write another word.


By Sebastian Panache

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