Yesterday, on his way home from the golf course, Sidney Crosby ran out of gas in his Range Rover and was temporarily stranded by the side of the road.

“I looked in my trunk and I had a case of water and a case of Gatorade,” the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar said. “So I asked myself, water or fuel?”

Without hesitation Crosby filled his gas tank with two litres of Cool Blue Gatorade because it looked more like “space fuel” than Fruit Punch or classic Lemon-Lime.

Witnesses say Crosby was extremely frustrated when his Range Rover wouldn’t start and demanded that someone find an NHL Referee to make things go his way.

An undisclosed Penguins insider says Crosby regrets the incident and wishes he tried the Gatorade low-calorie G2 for his Range Rover instead.

By Brian

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