Letters to the editor: Road rage

Sometimes I miss having a car, but then something inevitably happens to remind me that things are no better whether you’re a pedestrian or a motorist.

For example, just today I was travelling along the transit platform on my way into the shopping mall, when a woman passed me at high speed, then slowed down to a dead halt right in front of me. I was immediately struck by the urge to lean on my horn, roll down my window and yell obscenities while extending a raised finger at her rear-view mirror. But it was then that I remembered that I wasn’t in a car, and neither was she.

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Sobeys saved on purchase of Safeway chain with Safeway card

with files from Lise Merle

STELLARTON, Nova Scotia—In the grocery chain wars, East eats West.

East coast Sobeys has purchased West coast Safeway’s 213 stores, President and CEO Paul D. Sobey said via a news release.

In an interesting twist, the originally negotiated price of $5.8 billion was unexpectedly reduced when Mr. Sobey swiped his Safeway Club card during the purchase.

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