#stormchips movement inspires Maritime emergency kit

Photo: haligonia: hfx news ‏@haligonia (Twitter)

HALIFAX—Maritimers emerged unscathed and full of potato chips after a tempest blew through Eastern Canada last week.

During the harsh winter of 2013/2014, Haligonian and CBC radio host Stephanie Domet coined the hashtag #stormchips.  Tweeting that potato chips were the only thing on her grocery list in preparation for a severe storm, Domet inspired a regional movement.

“In this part of the world, winter storms aren’t so different from everyday life,” said Domet.  “We like to ice fish, we’ve been stranded at sea, playing hockey on frozen lakes is commonplace.  The basics don’t need to be fussy for us.”

Trinity resident Declan Leary confirms the sentiment. “It was right cold outside, it was,” he said of the recent weather.  “They said on the tv to stock up on essentials, so I picked up some Moosehead and chips.  Stopped by the donair shop on the way home and was all set.”

Shunning traditional emergency kit staples, the Canadian government has issued new guidelines for a Maritime Emergency Kit.  Items include a case of preferred beer, a deck of cards, Great Big Sea and Joel Plaskett Emergency CDs and – of course – chips.

“I’ll tell ya right fuckin’ now that no self-respecting Maritimer needs water,” said Shediac resident Billy Towers. “We’re surrounded by water!  Plus, beers have water.”

“It came to our attention that the Atlantic provinces are unique in their survival needs,” said Emergency Preparedness Liaison Cindy Snow.  “Clearly, chips are of the greatest importance, as store shelves are stripped of the item every time a weather event is pending.”

The phenomenon has affected citizens and industry alike. New Brunswick manufacturer Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is rumored to be working on a new flavor. Watch for Storm Chips™ before the next blizzard.

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