After a couple or weeks in Rio, the Canadian Olympic Team enjoyed great success.

The team finished tenth in the medal standings, including four Gold. We had some great contributors with great futures ahead: see Penny Oleksiak and Andre De Grasse. And at the tail end of the Olympics, Canada celebrated (and cried along) with the Tragically Hip and their final show (maybe) in Kingston, Ontario. What a great summer this has been for Canadian Sport.

Or is it?

Many could argue that the summer of 1984 when the Los Angeles Olympic Games occurred was Canada’s best ever. The True North finished sixth in the standings, with 44 medals including ten Gold. While that may be a major accomplishment, the Canadians, the Americans and the rest of the “free” world did so without the Soviet Bloc. And what did the summer have to offer for Canadian music in 1984?

Either Bryan Adams or Corey Hart.

Call it a tie?

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