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HOLLYWOOD—In an effort to rehabilitate his waning reputation, Bill Cosby has signed on to do a cross-country tour of The Vagina Monologues.

Originally written and performed by Eve Ensler in 1996, The Vagina Monologues explores the feminine experience.  A representative for Cosby said, “Mr. Cosby wants the public to know that he loves women and wants to support a positive, caring view of them.  He also wants to distance himself from his current image of a man who drugs and violates the ladies.”

Every year a new monologue is added to address current women’s issues.  This  year, Cosby has contributed  his own piece entitled Herbal Supplements and Dating.

The tour is set to start April 1 in conjunction with V-Day, a movement that raises money for women’s anti-violence groups through the play. Cosby has agreed to donate his salary to the cause in exchange for a private tour bus and one female personal assistant in each city.  “I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of gals out on the road,” said Cosby.  “Especially in remote communities with poor news coverage.”

Joining Cosby on tour will be Mike Tyson and Jackson Browne.  Jian Gomeshi was booked on the east coast leg, but a seized passport will prevent him from participating.

By Molly Donovan

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