LOS ANGELES, California—CBS Productions announced today that Bill Cosby will star in a reincarnation of the popular television franchise which has delighted audiences since 1945.

Cosby last appeared in mid-2000 as the host who asked children a variety of questions—eliciting cute, heartwarming and often hilarious responses.

“It recently occurred to me that there was still a lot of mileage in this premise,” Cosby told Mooseclean’s. “Just because little girls grow up into adult women doesn’t mean they grow out of their natural tendency to say shocking and outlandish things. Quite the opposite, I’ve found.”

Writers for the show have been inundated with source material, enough for eight to ten seasons by Cosby’s estimate.

“There are some truly funny guests lined up with some really ridiculous ideas about stuff,” Cos proclaimed. “It’s really entertaining to witness how far from reality some people are.”

By Sebastian Panache

Editor-in-Chief. Follow him on Twitter @SebPanache. Or don’t. It’s okay, really.

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