Photo: Calcio Streaming, flickr. 
Above: The best time to help someone with ALS is anytime they’re least expecting it.

A Calgary man has been arraigned on charges after performing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after being arrested at Foothills hospital.

Kaleb Torrin, 31, known on the internet for his beard, tattoos, previous work as a Movember fundraiser, lean torso and a vast collection of Selfies left the following statement on his many social media accounts.

“I was only trying to help! For the last two weeks it’s all anybody’s been doing…hunting down ALS patients and dumping soothing buckets of ice cold water onto their heads.  Apparently it does wonder for their weird brain diseases.  I‘m all about stopping weird brain diseases! Shouldn’t we all be? Isn’t that what we’ve all been doing?

A trio of angry doctors stared disbelievingly at the fundraiser as he was escorted out of the Foothills hospital neurology ward by police.

Among Torrin’s victims is local chess prodigy Nathan Stimholz, 12, diagnosed with the motor neuron disease in 2011.

“We’ve got to do something!” tweeted Torrin.

“This thing is (expletive) everywhere. 97% of my Facebook friends have it!”

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