A local builder is claiming harassment by the federal government after his business was contacted by investigators from the Competition Bureau, an independent law enforcement agency that looks into potentially criminal business practices.

Joseph Warner, proprietor of MiracleWorks Home Builders, says the agency’s Fair Business Practices Branch contacted him three weeks ago, alleging false or misleading representations and deceptive marketing practices.

Mooseclean’s obtained source copies of the MHB website which had been suspended by the business’s web host. Under the slogan “Castles in the Sky” were many depictions of palatial residences perched atop fluffy clouds and statements promising eternal rest in affordable luxury. Home prices ranged from $500,000 to $6.7 M depending on size and view. Lot prices were extra, with scenic cloud and rainbow locations secured by MiracleWorks Realty, another Warner-owned company.

A quick Google Image search revealed that most of the internal photographs of the residences depicted were procured from other websites, while a technical analyst dismissed the exterior cloud shots as “badly Photoshopped fakes.”

“I got no complaints, no police, nothing but glowing testimonials from satisfied customers,” Warner claims. “I’m selling peace of mind. Last time I checked, that wasn’t a crime.”

Investigation is continuing.

By Sebastian Panache

Editor-in-Chief. Follow him on Twitter @SebPanache. Or don’t. It’s okay, really.

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