USA—Where can you buy a laundry basket, pregnancy test, and reading glasses for three dollars? Not Dollar Tree. Not anymore. The US-based company has said it will begin charging more than a dollar for its myriad goods, starting early in the new year. 

A representative from Dollar Family, the company that owns Dollar Tree, blames inflation and employee greed. “Look, we’re all struggling,” said Doug Bishop. “The higher costs of freight and distribution, along with workers who demand a living wage are killing us. Yes, our inventory is mostly cheap trinkets, but getting it to the stores and staffing the stores drives up the sticker price.”

How much more will consumers be paying? Most items will now be priced at $1.25. Given that some stores started introducing more expensive products in September, the increase seemed inevitable.

Bargain hunters who rely on Dollar Tree’s low prices are not happy with the change. “They gonna sell some items for five dollars?!” said long-time shopper Diana Carter. “Dollar Tree fancy now? If I wanted to pay five dollars for something…well, I wouldn’t!”

After 35 years of charging only a dollar for all products, the company is considering changing its name. “We’ve workshopped a lot of possibilities,” said Bishop. “Buck 25 Hut, Savings Grove, Five Quarters. But no decision has been made yet.”

When asked about prices in Canada, Bishop was non-committal. “Canada? I’m not sure. You got those one-dollar coins, but people will probably need to start using two-dollar coins instead. Twoies? Is that what you call them?”

The end is nigh. Not only are we experiencing unprecedented floods and a pandemic, but now Dollar Tree is set to charge more than a dollar for its treasures. It’s a reminder for Canadians to spend their loonies while they can.

By Molly Donovan

I grew up in the USA, but don't hold that against me because I'm also Canadian. Just think of me as the mole.

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