NEW YORK—Following their historic first meeting Donald Trump and Elon Musk have announced a bold venture to Make America Great Again.

In his trademark bold style, Musk has announced that he will personally fund the new Mars 0.1 expedition.

“The SpaceX Mars 1.0 expedition is still years away and we have tons of new and potentially risky technology to develop. Therefore I have decided, and the President elect has agreed to a Mars 0.1 program”.

Under the new program Musk proposes sending Mr. Trump personally to man the Mars 0.1 site. The project will use the totally untested Interplanetary Transport System under development for the Mars 1.0 mission. It is expected that the first trip, assuming it is successful, will take approximately four years.

“The probability of success is on the order of 1/10**70 which corresponds directly to Mr. Trump’s age,” Musked explained. “The President elect immediately understood the scientific importance of maintaining this crucial relationship.”

Musk’s scientific team desperately attempted to arrange a briefing meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed venture but Trump firmly stated that he did not require or desire any briefing meetings with those “intellectual elites”.

Musk was eager to point out to the extensive press gallery the benefits of the 4 year duration and the significant potential the program offers to:

Make America Great Again

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