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LOCAL—The undercut is a hairstyle beguiling young men across the nation. Longer on top, shaved short on the sides and looks great with a beard or moustache.  But what do you do when you just gotta get that top flop out of your face?

“I understand how it feels to have hip hair and to also need a break from being cool,” said Cyrus Spalding, founder of Hair Ties Club for Men.  “That’s why my line of hair ties speaks to today’s hipster.”

A visit to the local gym confirms that Spalding’s accessories are catching on.

“I used to constantly brush my hair out of my face while lifting weights,” said Ty Frederick.  “But with Cy’s hair ties, I can maintain my hip locks and still feel the burn.”

“It’s all part of my patented top knot system,” explained Spalding.  “Depending on hair length and texture, a man can secure his longish hair in a samurai style, a simple high pony or a man fan.”

“Now I can do my job without fear of having my hair caught in a machine,” said electrician Alex Turnbull.  “But I can still wear it slicked back with gel when I go to the bar.”

Spalding admits that the undercut isn’t a practical style.  “Sure, it would make more sense to just have shorter hair.  But trends aren’t about practicality.  The undercut is about having the hair you want 25% of the time.  My hair ties take care of your tresses the other 18 hours of the day.”

“The undercut is kind of a pain in the ass,” admitted Kyle Lollis.  “I wear a hat a lot of the time and the hair ties, too.  But what are you gonna do?” he asked, scratching his patchy beard.  “Sometimes you gotta be a slave to fashion.”

Interested men can get a free copy of the Hair Ties Club for Men newsletter Hey, Good Looking. It’s full of tips for dealing with an undercut, as well as hair tie how-tos.  “And remember,” said Spalding, “I’m not only the Hair Ties president, I’m also a client.”

By Molly Donovan

I grew up in the USA, but don't hold that against me because I'm also Canadian. Just think of me as the mole.

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