I’d like to buy the world a milk

Photo: Mike Mozart (flickr)

TORONTO—Coca-Cola has started distributing Fairlife milk, a new take on classic moo juice.  This concoction has 30% more calcium, half the sugar, twice the protein, and no lactose in comparison to unadulterated milk.  It’s also twice as expensive.  Mooseclean’s took samples of whole, fat free, chocolate and reduced fat Fairlife to GoodLife gyms in Toronto and asked what people thought.

Jim Cross, high school English teacher: I want to say it tastes like milk.  But all I can really taste is the science.

Rachael Wallace, advertising executive: This is a smart product.  Carbonated beverage and milk consumption are down, while consumers continue to seek increased sources of protein.  Oh, no thanks. I don’t want to try it.

Jason Trace, beer truck driver: So will it be stocked with the pop? Or with the milk?

Allison Waters, child care worker:  Is this milk?  Can you give it to kids?  So it’s milk recombined with what?  More milk?  Then why not just drink…milk?

Richard Pace, geneticist: I read about this product.  It’s engineered to take out fat, increase protein and prolong shelf life.  Technically, it’s still milk.  But don’t fool yourself – it doesn’t come out of the cow with chocolate flavoring.

Raphael Unizo, fitness trainer:  More calcium and more protein?  I’ll drink it. I don’t care how it tastes.

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