Green shirts are for pimps? Perhaps not, but it’s environmentally conscientious to recycle your St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia for Green Week. Liberal banners [background left] are also encouraged.
Photo: North Charleston, flickr. 

The Liberal Government of Ontario announced Wednesday that it is beginning a new campaign aimed at helping the environment.  The campaign is aimed at raising awareness for the need of sustainable energy sources.

Beginning on June 10th, for one week, it will be “Green Week” in Ontario, with all citizens urged to wear as much green clothing as they can to help support the environment. The week will conclude with a parade down Yonge Street in Toronto to draw attention to the environment and celebrate the Liberal’s green energy policies.

“I’m just really happy knowing I’ll be doing my part for the environment” said Shelly, a stay-at-home mother of seven who plans on attending the parade.

“Some of the other politicians’ proposals for helping the environment required actual work on my part or a lifestyle change, which I just don’t have time for right now with the economy the way it is,” she added.

“There were some people protesting industrial wind turbines at City Hall last week” said Dan O’Brian. “I guess people think it’s okay to just go on destroying the environment with nuclear plants with no regard for the future. These people need to stop complaining and put on a green T-shirt already” he declared.

“I think it’s a ridiculous farce, and we should be focusing on real, practical solutions to combat the Liberal’s insanely destructive environmental policies, instead of being distracted with these garbage diversions,” said Alex Jakmixawitz, a local activist.

The initiative is expected to cost the Ontario taxpayers approximately $58 million, but Premier Kathleen Wynne is defending the initiative, saying “you can’t put a price on the future.”

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