Louis C.K. made a tentative return to masturbating in front of junior staff last night—asking some unknown comediennes to watch him masturbate in front of them at a small New York comedy club.

The comedian, who stepped out of the limelight after five women made accusations against him, immediately dealt with the issue at hand, by asking two young female comics if they were “cool watching me jerk off.”

Noam Dworman, owner of the Comedy Cellar club, told Mooseclean’s: “I really didn’t know how it would go, but I wanted to give him a chance.

“And he took it with both hands.”

Sarah Davenant and Lorraine DiMaggio, the two latest female comics to be subjected to some of C.K.’s raw material, appeared shaken after the incident. Davenant said: “I always really admired him as a comic, and I guess I was hoping to get some advice. But what he showed me was more of a tip.”

DiMaggio added: “I didn’t really want to watch, but I was conscious that saying no could constitute a black mark on my career.

“So I ended up with a white mark on my jeans instead.”

By: Leverage

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