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When everything is on the line, leadership matters. The Gall Legge Grant & Munroe LLP legal team learned that valuable lesson as they defeated TSN 1-0 in a tightly fought match. It looked as though the game was going to head for a shootout until an errant tweet caused TSN to give up the puck. Peter A. Gall scored the winning goal on a one-timer as he delivered a legal statement to TSN on a play set-up by Captain Dion Phaneuf.

“There’s no question that it was Phaneuf’s leadership that won the game,” teammate Phil Kessel told reporters. “He’s a great guy and he’s finally found something he cares about and that was winning this legal fight. This is his Stanley Cup.” The highly touted scorer had no shots in the game.

James Duthie was stunned by the loss and could only muster an apology. “It should have never happened, we sincerely apologize.” It is unknown whether TSN will re-sign Duthie in the offseason.

TSN was criticized for the play that led to the team giving up the puck to Phaneuf who fumbled a pass to Joffrey Lupul who set-up Gall for the one-timer and the win. “This was the most important game of my career and I’ll never forget it,” Dion Phaneuf told reporters as he was celebrating with the team. “I’ve worked hard my entire life for this and can’t imagine anything else I’d want to win.”

There are speculations that Phaneuf would retire after at the end of season but he put those rumours to rest. “I plan to stay in Toronto for a long time.”

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