The trend of public shaming children has become a hot topic.  But for every child made to wear a demeaning sign in public, there is a parent just as deserving.

Fifteen-year-old Greg Glassman is one victim who’s fed up with the new disciplinary method.  “After I egged the neighbor’s mailbox, my mom made me go to every house on the block and tell them what I did.  But only after I’d cleaned up the eggs while I wore a sign that said EGGS ARE FOR BREAKFAST, NOT FOR VANDALISM.  It was totally humiliating.” Glassman’s mother posted pictures of the clean-up online, which lead to taunting at school.  “My reputation as a bad ass was ruined.”

In a bid to get even, Glassman formed the group YBS.  His first target was enemy number one: his parents.  “I caught them smoking pot on the back porch one night, so I knew revenge was within reach.” The next day, John and Judy Glassman could be seen handing out pamphlets on drug abuse and telling their personal story at the local supermarket.  “You should have seen my mom’s face when snooty Mrs. Custer walked up to them.  Classic!”

Parents who are proficient in social media are learning that social shaming cuts both ways. Agnes May was called out by her daughter at a Block Parent meeting.  “I was giving a talk,” said May as she paused to stifle a sob, “on abstinence.  And I was wearing a t-shirt that said I Download Porn.

YBS hopes this backlash will teach parents a lesson.  Group spokesman Tommy Hup points out, “My dad says two wrongs don’t make a right.  But causing your parents to look just as stupid as they made you look works for us.” He added with a sigh, “Things were so much easier before people over 40 knew how to use the Internet.”

These tech savvy teens are making sure their message is being heard.  Vine, Instagram and Twitter are filled with examples of parent shaming.  “We’ll leave Facebook for the oldsters,” scoffs Glassman. “The only problem is, they’re less likely to see themselves shamed on these platforms.  Guess we’ll have to send them a link.”

By Molly Donovan

I grew up in the USA, but don't hold that against me because I'm also Canadian. Just think of me as the mole.

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