Ryan Matheson, Chair of the Board of Governors at the University of Northern British Columbia, proudly describes the institution’s selection of James Moore as the ‘natural choice’ for the role of Chancellor.

“[Mr. Moore was] twice nominated as UNBC Alumni of the Year, he represents a lot of what UNBC can give, not only to British Columbia but also Canada. Of course, the people that won Alumni of the Year those years probably had a lot more to give, but…sorry. Can we begin again?”

British Columbia, steeped in environmental concerns and questions about aboriginal treatment, will surely benefit from Moore’s experience. With characteristic humility, Moore shrugged off his political career as a “past chapter” of his life.

As Industry Minister, Moore championed the Harper Government’s strong Conservative policies on the environment and the rights of government scientists to speak the truth and share research.

University staff are generally supportive of the appointment. “He also spent an entire week serving as Interim Minister of Aboriginal Affairs,” observed UNBC professor Bob Rudde. “Given a second week, I’m certain he would have overruled Mr. Harper’s refusal to initiate an inquiry on missing and murdered indigenous women.”

UNBC students seemed cautiously optimistic. “He’s really a great guy with a warm heart, I think,” Drama student Cynthia Markham suggested. “It wasn’t his idea to make huge cuts to Arts funding, and that whole kerfuffle over his refusal to feed hungry children was just a big misunderstanding.”

By Sebastian Panache

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