This is Pamela.

Pamela doesn’t know how to fill out basic travel expense forms. As a result, Pam has racked up over $300,000 in fraudulent travel expenses.

Pam had a wonderful, exciting life.  She used to be a respected television journalist.  She hosted Canada’s version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” was chosen as Canada’s Consul-General in New York, then appointed to the Canadian Senate.  She sat on the boards of three corporations where she “has been entitled to roughly $1 million in fees and stock options for her role on corporate boards since being appointed to the Senate.” 1  Pamela flew all over the country and enjoyed billing the Senate while campaigning for Conservative candidates.

Sadly, all that is gone now. Pamela only has her Senate job; a job that pays the miserable sum of $132,000 annually. Tormented, Pam sits languishing in the wilderness of independence, suffering silently, since her own Conservative Party Caucus has cruelly cast her out.

Pam claims she has no health card; not from Ontario, not from Saskatchewan. Pam is a Senator without provincial health care.

She has paid back $38,000 in fraudulent expense claims but still might owe over $300,000.

Won’t you help Pamela?  Your monthly donation will get Pamela back in the black again, and maybe, just maybe, back in the Blue with the Conservative caucus.  Tax deductible receipts are not available, but as a fellow citizen, won’t you show you care?  Your monthly donation of $5.00, $10.00 or even just $10,000.00 will improve Pamela’s life immediately.  You’ll get a good feeling too, knowing you have made a difference in a Senator’s life.

Please, stand up for Pamela and give her back the standard of living to which she had become accustomed and which she desperately needs again.

Don’t delay.  She’s waiting for your help. Go online to: and pledge your monthly amount now.

Remember, Pamela is not the only one.  There are three other Senators out there who need your help too.  Please give generously.

Thank you.

1 – Smith, Joanna (2013). “Pamela Wallin entitled to approximately $1 million as corporate director since Senate appointment” Toronto Star, June 6, 2013 

By Sharon Dunn

Political junkie, proud grad of UPEI, supporter of civil & human rights. Follow on Twitter @SharonDunn54

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