Woman receives first racial confirmation surgery

Photo: woodleywonderworks (flickr). CC-BY-20

After a difficult operation Yuki Etienne can finally show the world her true colours. Yuki spent the past 12 years looking like her mother but thanks to the groundbreaking racial confirmation surgery, Yuki can spend the rest of her life as a black woman. The procedure was led by Dr. Dylan Young in a South African hospital.

“The operation was a success and we expect a full recovery,” beamed Dr. Young who is expected to receive numerous international awards with the success of the experimental surgery. Dr. Young is not affiliated with any of the doctors who treated the King of Pop for vitiligo universalis. “I love Michael Jackson’s music but I’ve never worked with his doctors,” smirked Dr. Young.

Yuki’s mother, Tomoko Tanabi, was an immigrant from Japan and married native South African Esaia Etienne. Her parents at first objected to the idea of the surgery but are now thrilled for their 12 year old daughter. “We just wanted her to be comfortable with who she is,” Tomoko said. Her father added, “I thought changing your skin colour defeated the purpose but after Yuki laid it out for us it started to make a lot of sense.”

Yuki explained that although her parents had different coloured skin she always identified as being black just like her father Esaia and wanted her skin to match who she was on the inside. “I couldn’t express myself, I had yellow skin but I’m a black woman and thanks to Dr. Young I can live out my life how I’m supposed to,” Yuki said. “We’re just glad she’s happy,” affirmed Esaia.


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