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The Hollywood adaptation of the erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey had an explosive opening night and engorged sales over the weekend.  This isn’t surprising, given that the book has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and translated into 52 languages.  What’s less expected, is the collateral impact the franchise has had beyond book and ticket sales. 

Here are some surprising ways 50 Shades of Grey has exerted its authority:

  • Duck Brand duct tape sales up 25%
  • “BDSM contracts” top 10 Google search term
  • Universal Films overwhelmed by requests to have Christian Grey speak at commencement ceremonies
  • Letter submissions to Penthouse decrease, self-published erotica increases
  • Vancouver, Washington Tourism Boards offer an Ana and Christian package as part of their new campaign, “Submit to the other Vancouver”
  • Journalism school enrollment for young women increases across the nation, with Seattle colleges and universities seeing the greatest number of new students
  • Home Depot launches 50 Shades of Cable Ties: multi-colored ties for multi-uses
  • Jian Gomeshi’s lawyers subpoena Anastasia Steele as a character witness for their client

By Molly Donovan

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