Image Courtesy: U.S.D.A. (flickr)

The sudden end to the Sun News Network, more commonly referred to as Fox North, has prompted an outbreak of Mad Cow Disease at an Alberta farm.

The direct implications are being investigated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, but the strain is linked to biased news coverage which could only appeal to angry, rural, Prairie farmers.

Three main theories have been put forth: it’s possible that the rancher was angry enough about the end of Sun News that he infected the cows himself; Sun New executives could have orchestrated the outbreak in hopes that the public would demand Sun News return to cover Mad Cows; or perhaps the cows self-inflicted the disease in hopes of becoming marginalized by Ezra Levant.

This is Alberta’s latest Mad Cow outbreak since 2011—the year that Alison Redford became the province’s Premier.

By Dan Walton

Between Draxel's apartment, a supervised injection site, and the free Internet here at the library, I get a lot done every week. Just today I clipped my nails and brushed my teeth. And I can run really fast even though I only eat once each day. When I lived with my parents, I would make Kool-aid, and I put a lot more sugar in the pitcher than the package called for. That was then. Now I can't even think about drinking it because I don't have sugar or a pitcher. And where am I gonna get enough water to make a whole jug of Kool-aid? Plus if I did make Kool-aid, who's gonna let me keep it in their fridge?

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