CBC wants sensitivity training for Borel after she rips them a new one

Image credit: CBC

TORONTO—After having her sexual assault charges against Jian Gomeshi settled by peace bond last week, Kathryn Borel made a statement to the media.  In the wake of what she said, the CBC is demanding Borel undergo sensitivity training.

“The way she marched right up to the podium to make her statement, with confidence and purpose, it was so entitled!” said head of HR at CBC, Karen MacDonald.  “She was absolutely insensitive to how her words would affect the CBC.”

MacDonald continued that Borel’s “overuse of the word feel and its derivatives” made the statement personal and lacking in objectivity.  “Obviously, when it comes to sexual assault, how she feels is really for the court to decide.”

Borel skewered the CBC for refusing to help her when she initially reported the workplace abuse, and MacDonald claims this was a breach of trust and an abuse of power.  “We assumed that she would just lie down and take it,” said MacDonald, “as we expected of every Q team member.”

Borel was asked for comment, but could not be heard over the loud cheering of women everywhere.

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