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NEW YORK—In a partially historic move, Ireland is set to recognize the Palestinian state at a house party, yet declines to say ‘hello’.

“I’m having a bit of trouble telling them apart from Isreal,” said Ireland, who hadn’t seen Palestine since around 1967.

Ireland had taken a step toward Palestine, before quickly backtracking. They denied that it was because their much cooler friend, America, had just walked into the UN sanctioned house party.

“America walking in the room had nothing to do with it,” added Ireland. “Either way they’d have our conversation recorded.”

At this point, the USA had begun teaching its new friend Cuba how to play Beer Drones. “Of all the cups out there, how do you know which cups to sink the ball in?” asked Cuba.

“It’s simple”, explained America. “Whatever cup the ball lands in, that cup obviously belongs to the enemy.”

By Matt Colella

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