Photo: David Villarreal Fernández, flickr.

Spurred by stalling domestic sales and the success of ultra-cheap vehicles in China and India, South Korean auto-producer Kia has announced “a bargain car for the rest of us”.

“People love new. People love cheap. People love biodegradable. SBOX is all this and more,” said Minjoon Kim, Director of Retail Development and Market Representation at Kia Motors Canada.

Featuring standard equipment such as four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel and a seat, the forthcoming SBOX also includes four doors and a hood, all enclosed in a remarkably sturdy metal-like body. Advanced options like automatic transmission and power steering are not available, but the optional two-door coupe model can be had for an extra $25.

“We guarantee 4 months of trouble-free operation—comparable to a Dodge Caravan,” Kim explained. “Once you notice the paint changing colour, leave the car next to your recycling bin for collection. You may also optionally leave it near your garden where it will decompose into compost in 8 to 12 months.”

Customers may pre-order an SBOX from Kia’s website to receive a single vehicle, or subscribe for a quarterly model update at an additional 2% savings.

By Sebastian Panache

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