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TORONTO—The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) fall calendar is always highly anticipated.  But last week it served to change at least one man’s perspective.  Maybe even his life.

“I had never considered some of the potential jobs, hobbies and queries put forth in the 2014 fall calendar,” said insurance salesman Todd Birch. “This mailer is a revelation!”

Chock full of classes meant to enhance the lives of seniors and fulfill a government mandate, the booklet runs the gamut.  “From arts to computers to cookery – we have a wide array of classes on offer,” said program coordinator Jan Murphy.  “Every course is an opportunity to continue learning and growing.  And to contribute to the TDSB budget deficit.”

“Just listen to these titles!” raved Birch.  “Bead Crazy Advanced, Productive Anger, Everything You Wanted to Know About Ghosts but Were Afraid to Ask.*  I mean, there’s a whole world of knowledge just waiting to be mined.”

Whether you’re interested in improving your mind, body or soul, the Learn 4 Life program has something for everyone.  Fitness classes share the page with music classes and language courses.  And for those looking inward for answers, there’s the Self Development section.  Open your mind when you sign up for Finding Your Destiny or How Intuition Works.

“Our courses may not have the same prestige as those offered by a university or even a college, but they are less expensive,” said Murphy.  “Plus they get you out of the house one night a week.”

Birch plans on jumping in with both feet in the fall.  “As a single man in my 50s, I have every weeknight free.  I may even try my hand at teaching!  I figured the guidelines would be pretty strict, but the TDSB website says anyone can propose a course.”

If all goes well, Birch plans to pitch Rear-ending for Profit.  Watch for it in the 2015 fall calendar.

*All titles taken verbatim from calendar

By Molly Donovan

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