Roll Up The Rim Regrets

TORONTO—Every February since 1986, a bright light has shone on the darkest part of the Canadian winter: Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win contest.  And now that this glorious time of year is winding down, I find myself at a loss.

As a Canadian, Tim Hortons is part of my genetic make-up.  And as an Ontarian, seeing a Timmies is like coming home.  But I feel cheated by the annual thumb-numbing prize fest.  I’m certain that if I just had a few more weeks, a handful more chances to win, I could have walked away with one of 50 cars.  Or a pre-paid Visa.  Or at least more free coffee!

The contest itself doesn’t officially end until April 25.  Or when supplies run out.  And I’ve noticed that supplies are dwindling.  I was crestfallen when served a REGULAR 50th ANNIVERSARY CUP last week.  Now all my irrational hopes and dreams will be pinned solely on lotto tickets.

I’m saddened that it will be 2015 before I can again hand over the saliva-sodden rim of my take-out cup and feel the rush of receiving a free coffee or donut in return.  And I know Maria, an employee at my local Tim’s, will miss my daily request of “make sure you give me a winner!” She always rolled her eyes in mock annoyance when I made the joke, but I know she looked forward to our Roll Up The Rim banter.  I just know it.

But the thing that will haunt me more than sometimes choosing a medium over a large, skipping coffee that one Friday or going to an unfamiliar store on occasion is the cup at the bus station.  I saw it, unrolled, in the bathroom garbage.  Sure, it was sitting under a half-eaten sandwich and I would have had to stick my arm into a cesspool to retrieve it… but I could see the untouched rim through the flap in the trash can.  I’m CERTAIN that cup was a winner.  If I’m ever in that situation again, I will thrust my hand into the unknown and claim my prize!

Molly Donovan

I grew up in the USA, but don't hold that against me because I'm also Canadian. Just think of me as the mole.

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