OTTAWA—Bare Fax Gentleman’s Club, the strip bar currently being managed by disgraced Senator Patrick Brazeau, has seen a number of dancers quit recently, saying they are just too embarrassed to be working at the same place as Patrick Brazeau.

“I had to quit because my dad found out that I’ve been stripping at a club managed by Patrick Brazeau; I just can’t bear the way he won’t make eye contact with me anymore,” said Krystal, a dancer who has worked at the club for the past several years.

She is one of six dancers who have left the club in recent weeks.

“It might have been OK if I could have convinced my dad that Brazeau just manages the club but doesn’t actually work there, but he reads the papers. He knows Brazeau spends a lot of time inside the club with us,” she explained.

“I had to quit because every time I was up on stage taking my clothes off, I just kept thinking to myself So it’s come to this: working in a place alongside Patrick Brazeau. I’ve really hit rock bottom,” said Destiny, who started at the club in October of 2013.

Other dancers at the strip club say they want to stop working in the same place as Brazeau, but they just can’t afford to quit.

“Just to be clear, there’s no way I’d be working in a club with Patrick Brazeau if I didn’t have six kids to feed,” said Diamond, who has been working at the club since the late 90s.

“Every night, I think about my kids, close my eyes, strip to Bon Jovi’s “Bad Medicine” and hope that Patrick Brazeau isn’t watching me,” she admitted.

Photo: Abe Atri, Wikimedia Commons

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