Half of Mars One applicants from Winnipeg, Dutch say


From an applicant pool of over 200,000, just over a thousand people are now still in contention to be the the first residents of Mars—and many of them are from The Peg, the organizers say.

Mars One, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, plans to create a permanent human colony on the red planet by 2025. Over five hundred Winnipeg residents survived the first cut and are still candidates for the final spaceflight crew of four.

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Clueless parent pledges to defend neurotic child ‘at any cost’

illustration by finklebottom

illustration by finklebottomWINNIPEG—The father of a 20-year-old Winnipeg woman arrested for hitting a man and his small child with her car, then biting a police officer who sought to intervene, says the whole incident was made up to harass his little princess, embarrass him, and bring emotional distress to his family.

“She’s my kid. How is this even possible?” the man told reporters. “There’s no way she could do something like this, because I would never do anything like this.”

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