Toronto has some demons that need to be exorcised. This Halloween, let’s take a look at who and what is haunting the citizens of Ontario’s capital.

  • Jian Gomeshi. Every time he tires to make a comeback, people relive the Q scandal and that casts a shadow on our fair city. Not to mention our national public broadcaster.
  • Rob Ford. His haunting comes in the form of his brother, Doug Ford.
  • The Gardiner Expressway. Although not technically dead yet, it haunts us all the same. Evidence of its decay and malevolence is exhibited in the random pieces it sheds on unsuspecting citizens.
  • Jennifer Keesmaat. Her political career cannot be killed. Resurrected in a new form every time she rises from a past position, it’s only a matter of time before her spectre is seen again.
  • David Weaver. Many thought he was a ghost the first time they saw him, swimming naked in a shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium. He’s proven sharks are no match for him, so he’ll surely be back. Especially since he’s been ordered to hang around Toronto until his court date to face charges of assault and mischief.
  • Twenty-two wards, each cut down in the prime of an election. Premiere Ford sent almost half of Toronto’s wards to an early death October 19 and the lost souls of unemployed councilors have wandered the streets of our fair city since October 22.
  • Transit. With unfinished lines, plans in chaos, and overcrowding, transit haunts commuters every day. Every. Damn. Day.
  • Bruce McArthur. The man accused of eight serial murders is the ghoul of the gay village and a living boogeyman.

By Molly Donovan

I grew up in the USA, but don't hold that against me because I'm also Canadian. Just think of me as the mole.

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